Wednesday, July 5, 2017

in: formal I End of Artistic Residency at ART SPACE stift millstatt I Fernando & Carlos

Yesterday we finished more than two weeks of research and sharing of a new process in Millstatt. Golden Shadows. This is the tittle under we decided to face a new set of questions and necesities to keep widening our interest in the body, the movement and space.

In an early text we stated that Golden Shadows would be a frame where to "follow mainly impulses for widening resources in our research on the body as a (sub)conscious moving entity, diving in new information and explorations, in order of setting new aspects for constantly rediscovering and experiencing it anew. After long time concerned with an interest in its dynamics, we would like to initiate a trip that brings our attention away from our actual conceptions. Create new relations between opaqueness and transparencies, locations and transcendences among the interplay of attention, consciousness, reflection and action."

We took so time for new readings, keep exploring the phisical space from the level of the bones and opening up towards other perceptions of the body materiality. Laying down, taking almost an infinite sense of time, looking for resonances in other materials. Experimenting with other ways to approach, to move, observing, writing, drawing... going out of the dependance towards the openness, the lake, the forests, the roads among villages, sensing the fleet of interchange between light and shadows inside us and in the surrounding.

The first week we had as well the opportunity to guide O.P.E.N. morning classes, our BONE mornings a context where to share with others some aspects of these interests.

It seems far now the presentation of our project WITHOUT ADDED VALUE in the context of the LIGHT ON - LIGHT OFF NÂș9 during our first days there. We had a wonderful performance accompanied by a full house of people.

Today we continue with a feeling of motivation, carrying a new set of questions and elements to move forward.

Thanks once more to Andrea and Eleonore and all the NETZWERK for they support and confidence.

We leave a few images of the process:
(photos by FNP - CO)

Fernando & Carlos

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