Sunday, April 6, 2014

büro für tanz | theater | produktionen announces 2014 season

Something old, something new, something borrowed –No, the büro für tanz | theater | produktionen is not getting married, they’re just announcing their 2014 season!
Something Old
In July, NETZWERK AKS will remount two AKS productions.
The first, wozzeck_woyzeck_reloaded (July 5 & 6, Stift Millstatt), premiered last year with critical acclaim: “In her new dance-theater piece wozzeck_woyzeck_reloaded, Andrea K. Schlehwein strongly demonstrates her multifaceted creativity, emphasizing her abilities as a director (… in a) dramaturgically and optically exacting, in a clear, structured, intellectual aesthetic.”
In addition, NETZWERK AKS will perform Invocation (July 25) for the Center for Choreography Bleiburg’s Long Night of Dance in Gmünd. AKS initially choreographed this work for the 2012 Kunst in der Kartause festival. The piece approaches the invocation, a unique form of prayer, as a dynamic spiral, which begins at a high point where other energy stops. A deep inwardness and surrender becomes perceptible at a point of inner excitement, which ends in exhaustion.
Another ‘old’ büro für tanz | theater | produktionen project has now morphed into a different form: kunstLABor, which invited the public not only to view but to contribute their own ideas and feedback into the creative process during summer 2012, reappears now as the in – formell series. Johanna Roggan, Carlos Osatinsky & Ferrando Pelliccioli, Leonie Humitsch, and AKS herself will share their works-in-progress and initiate discussion with audiences at different points throughout the 2014 season.
Something Newbüro für tanz | theater | prouktionen is delighted that the Österreichische Bundesforste will install heating and new windows in Stift Millstatt this October! This means that AKS, her dancers and resident artists will be able to rehearse in the hall year round.
In collaboration with recently established label FORUM KUNST, büro für tanz | theater | produktionen will present new works from young choreographers in the series LIGHT ON – LIGHT OFF. Among these are Matan Levkowich with Boys don’t cry, and students of the BHODI PROJECT from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance under the direction of Susan Quinn in same, difference, again.
AKS will present her own new piece, Ryo Ju | the hunting gun, with NETZWERK AKS in December. The work, based on the 1949 silent film by Yasushi Inoue and inspired by Kurosawa’s legendary Rashomon, follows “Three women (as they) each write one last letter to the same man whom they, for different reasons, will never see again. And each letter hurts, evokes, tears the man from a different side, until we see him, standing destroyed, fall through the eyes of these women.” (Die Zeit). The search for truth, trust and love and finally losing these, throws the man and the three women alongside Inoue deep within themselves to emotional coldness.
Something BorrowedThe büro für tanz | theater | produktionen continues their residency program in 2014 with artists Helene Weizierl and her company cieLaRoq, who will work on SAME SAME but different, and Johanna Roggan who will work on the piece MONSTERBOX. Each of these choreographers will present their works in Stift Millstatt.
In addition, FORUM KUNST will host exhibitions Im Visier from artists Lena Göbel,KONKLUSION from Christian Einfalt, and a ‘summer special’ collection from the Gallerie Phönix.
The büro für tanz | theater | produktionen together with FORUM KUNST will also host workshops taught by guest instructors Matan Levkowich, Sei Seung Lee, and Carlos Osatinsky & Ferrando Pelliccioli. Further workshops will be given by guest teachers for children during the Kunstdetektive event in June.
Something BlueAs for something blue, there is always the beautiful Millstätter See and the sunny skies of Kärnten.
To view the full calendar and for more details about individual events, please check the NETZWERK AKS website!
BODHI_PROJECT_Robert_Clark_3 Boys Don't Cry_Photo- SensoReye produciton J.Roggan. Foto Stefan Merker