Wednesday, January 20, 2016

“The Best Works 2015” award for our Korean section!

We would like to congratulate Lee Sei Seung, Joo Hye Young and Kim Seung Rok for the award “The Best Works in 2015” from The Korean Association of Dance Critics and Researchers, received on the 12th of January 2016.
The three have been former students of Andrea K. Schlehwein at KNUA (Korean National University of Arts), where Schlehwein, Mavridou, Osatinsky & Pelliccioli, all members of NETZWERK AKS, have been teaching.
Lee Sei Seung is an artist that has collaborated with NETZWERK AKS in 2014 in the productions wozzeck_woyzeck_reloaded, Invocation and RYO JU: The Hunting Gun. He has, as well, lead his “SangBang style” workshop in ART SPACE stift millstatt for members of NETZWERK AKS and people of all ages and backgrounds.
For more information on the Korean initiative SangBang – “TED: Trio Education Department” please visit 쌍방 – sangbang on Facebook or go to
And, if you happen to be in Seoul we would like to encourage you to join their sessions!
Once again congratulations to all three!
We are happy to see our surroundings blossoming and progressing with their work!
It is an energy inspiring us all on all sides of the planet!

Friday, January 1, 2016

NETZWERK AKS: the year 2015 in review

2015 : THANK YOU
2016 : WELCOME

NETZWERK AKS I Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art
managed by: büro für tanz I theater I produktionen

film shooting in Seoul
inspired by RYO JU I approach #5
2 I 2015
1 Invitation RYO JU nur Titel+schwarze Schrift     1 Seoul shooting RYO JU approaches

2 AKS_ Time Code 9733     3 postcard n°2 front

new production
Time Code 9733
ART SPACE stift millstatt (A)
5 I 2015
4 Time Code 9733 keyvisual

Festival: Tanz im November
Symposion: POSITIONEN 015 I Diskurse und Dialoge im zeitgenössischen Tanz Kärnten
Theater Halle 11 Klagenfurt, ART SPACE stift millstatt (A)
11 I 2015
3a Plakat 1_small     + POSITIONEN 015

new production
things we lost in the fire
Theater Halle 11 Klagenfurt, ART SPACE stift millstatt (A)
11 I 2015
5 +things we lost 1_g_jagoutz    +3 g_jagoutz_086

Time Code 9733
ART SPACE stift millstatt (A)
11 I 2015
+white Time Code_ro    +black Time Code_ro 1 ro

new production : dance + film
ALICE . facing the future expecting death dust and hope .
ART SPACE stift millstatt (A)
11 I 2015 (solo: Maria Mavridou)
+ALICE_film_ key visual    ++1 fly 2

todo tiene que desear la nada
ART SPACE stift millstatt (A)
11 I 2015 (solo: Fernando N. Pelliccioli)
+todo tiene 3    +++todo tiene 2
We would like to thank our families, friends & audience for their constant support and trust.
Thanks to the fotographers:
Jo Hermann, Günter Jagoutz, Sebastian Lemke, Hae In Shin, Martin Schinagl; AKS, Laurent Ziegler, Roman Zotter
and to all
all productions 2015 were kindly supported by
Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Land Kärnten, Stadt Klagenfurt, Marktgemeinde Millstatt, ÖBF
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Netzwerk Aks
Büro für tanz I theater i produktionen
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