Friday, July 17, 2015

Carinthian artists notably absent from local festival

A Hein Spectrum note
Visitors eyes were opened by a peek into the Spectrum Festival program and their opening ceremony in front of Villach’s city hall.  Not one single performance is from Carinthia, yet very high quality works are coming from outside the province. Due to the emigration of artists and artistic circumvention within this amateur and domestic scene where alpha-male behavior prevails, all that remains is astonishment over imports like „Betontanc & Umka“ (Laibach/Riga, photo), which was a brilliant substitute for the originally planned but prohibited-by-lack-of-funding Carinthian opening production, love me hate me kiss me bite me by Andrea K. Schlehwein with Netzwerk AKS. More information available at www.festivalspectrum.comHein, Die Krone, 3. July 2015, translated by hrgb.