Monday, June 27, 2016

HERE AND NOW / Deborah Hay (quote)

Every cell in my body has the potential to perceive Now is Here. Now is personal. Now is past, present and future aknowledged together as it unfolds each moment. Here is locating my changing presence in the physical space where I am dancing, including my relationship to the audience.

Deborah Hay

Sunday, June 26, 2016

another O.P.E.N. Training Week with Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli


Tomorrow we continue with Arnulfo, who is guiding the morning training class !! Freu mich drauf - Lust, mit zu tanzen? Zu zu schauen? 

Vorbeikommen !!!

10:00 - 11:30 Uhr  I  ART SPACE stift millstatt
Stiftgasse 1
A - 9872 Millstatt
Beitrag 7 Euro

WORKSHOP with Aureliusz Rys

Dancing me - Dancing us
Dance Workshop with Aureliusz Rys

2. July 2016  I  12 - 4 p.m.  I  ART SPACE stift millstatt
35 Euro

Fon. + 43 4766 35250
ART SPACE stift millstatt
Stiftgasse 1
A - 9872 Millstatt  
The workshop will be based on movement phrases, improvisation and research dedicated towards the basic idea of giving / receiving and creating a “group feeling”. Using the inspirations from Chinese Martial Arts and Taiji we will swing, spiral and suspend our bodies in space while looking for common breath, rhythm and phrasing. Just another attempt to make dancing together even more joyful!

Management: Büro für tanz I theater I produktionen


1., 2., 3., 4. Juli I 9.30 – 11.30 Uhr I Ich & Du, Müller’s Kuh 
Kreativer Tanz Kids I  Andrea Maria Handler, Aureliusz Rys
keine Workshopgebühr

Ausgehend vom Auszählreim „Ich & Du - Müller’s Kuh“, wird der Fokus auf eine spielerische Herangehensweise durch Spiele und kreative Bewegungsaufgaben gelegt. Die Freude an der Bewegung in der Gruppe als auch als Individuum steht im Vordergrund.
Spezielle Vorkenntnisse sind nicht nötig.

Die Kinder werden ermutigt ihren Körper in Relation zu den anderen als auch in Bezug zum umgebenden Raum mit einfachen Tanzschritten sowie geführten Improvisationen und freien Bewegungen zu erforschen. Die freigesetzte Energie und geballte Vorstellungswelt, die sich in den Klassen angesammelt hat, münden in einer kurzen Präsentation am Abend des letzten Tages als Resultat des Prozesses. 

Voranmeldung und Information: 
Fon. +43 4766 35250
ORT: ART SPACE stift millstatt, Stiftgasse 1, A - 9873 Millstatt 

Ich & Du                                                      Workshop Präsentation

4. Juli  I  19:15 Uhr  I  Pavillon Strandpromenade Millstatt
NETZWERK AKS Profis tanzen mit Kindern
Pavillon, Strandpromenade Millstatt
Choreographie & Konzept: Andrea Maria Handler, Aureliusz Rys
Künstlerische Leitung: Andrea K. Schlehwein

Information:  I  Fon. +43 4766 35250
Tourismusbüro Millstatt  I  Fon. + 43 4766 2023

Ich & Du

ist eine Zusammenarbeit des Tourismusbüros der Marktgemeinde Millstatt und dem
büro für tanz I theater I produktionen (Management des Tänzerkollektivs NETZWERK AKS).


Monday, June 20, 2016

another O.P.E.N. Training Week with Aureliusz Rys

O.P.E.N MORNING CLASS  -  Body wake up

Tomorrow we continue with Aureliusz, who is guiding the
morning training class combining strengthening exercises with comfortable movement patterns that stimulate the circulation of breath, blood and qi.

Vorbeikommen - mitmachen!!!

10:00 - 11:30 Uhr  I  ART SPACE stift millstatt
Stiftgasse 1
A - 9872 Millstatt
Beitrag 7 Euro

espaciopropio.augenblick at Espacio en Blanco Madrid

Hello dear people,

I am happy of sharing that on 23rd & 24th July, Fer will be guiding a new encounter/workshop/practice of espaciopropio.augenblick, travelling towards the bones, in Espacio en Blanco Madrid, two days three hours a day, a beautiful opportunity for continuing sharing and discovering a deep field unfolding in the body and in between bodies in movement.
After on 24th afternoon he will continue his way towards el Cielo de la Vera for the meeting with Rhizome Lee where he will be guiding the one hour morning practice: Bone Morning / Huesos Felices, for then dive the restof the day in a transforming travel.
In the flyer attached bellow you can find all the information about the encounter and the contact for register.
I hope that you may see each other around and please move forward this information to whom it may be of interest. Thanks so much and sorry if there has been double mailing!
a deep hug,


Sunday, June 19, 2016

How Art matters. An how it means. Robert Pfaller.

POSITIONEN 011  I  Diskurse und Dialoge im zeitgenössischen Tanz Kärnten

 In 2011 I curated the POSITIONEN presenting the dance production 'Intermedios' by Carlos Osatinsky + Fernando N. Pelliccioli and 'Sorry out of Ideas' by Mateja Bucar and Vadim Fishkin. 

I was able to invite Rober Pfaller (among others) to an inspiring Art Breakfast at the MMKK. [The lecture by Rober Pfaller was followed by the Dance Film Installation  by Mateja and Vadim]. 

Since then Mateja and me remeet once in a while. Yesterday was one of those "once in a whiles". Before heading back to Ljubljana, Mateja left me a present by introducing me to another lecture of Robert Pfaller:

How Art matters. An how it means.

This conference was organized in May 2016 by DUM Association of Artists and Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory, with the support by MGML – Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana.

And here you will find some information about the choreographer Mateja Bucar from Ljubljana

Mateja Bucar will be present 'Green Table'
in between  4. July - 6. July at
Festival Spectrum in Villach / Kärnten. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

words condensed / Richard Foreman



until everything is included

Friday, June 10, 2016

KLETTE oder das Phänomen surrealistischer Verhaftungen

Andrea Maria Handler, Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli, Adriana Torres are performing at

Eine lange Nacht des Tanzes // Grünbach am Schneeberg (Nähe Wiener Neustadt!)

 11. June 2016  I  8 p.m.  I   Urhof 20  I  8 Euro 

Performance-Abend und anschließende Party mit DJ Bongo 20:00 Performance - 22:00 Party
Manfred Kopensteiner

Monday, June 6, 2016

Dance Calender AKS +++ June 2016

Dance Calender Andrea K. Schlehwein                                         JUNE 2016
Management: büro für tanz | theater | produktionen

Movement Practice                                             
2 I 3 I 9 I 10 I 16 I 17 June
10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
offen für alle / open for everyone

... kids on the move                                             
11. June  I   2. - 5 p.m.

Carlos Osatinsky + Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli are performing in Portugal

Eu, Globulus
Dance Installation & Performance 
together with Pedro Prazeres in Fundaçao de Serralves, Porto, Portugal 

Happy to share this!