Monday, August 1, 2016

Netzwerk AKS | See you again - hopefully soon!

and the dance goes on - (... after EX : CERPT in St. Kanzian) | photo: Roman Zotter
Netzwerk AKS - under the artistic direction Andrea K. Schlehwein - rounded up its summer activities which included the production and performances of HERE AND NOW at Langes Nacht des Tanzes in Millsatt and at our 'home' ART SPACE stift millstatt, the performance of EX : CERPT Vol. 2 at Langes Nacht des Tanzes in St. Kanzian, and EX : CERPT Vol. 1 at Pavillon Strandpromenade in Millstatt, as well as O.P.E.N. trainings and workshops offered by Netzwerk AKS members throughout the rehearsal period during June and July.

After 6 intense weeks of sharing work and life, our team is developing stronger bonds.
We are grateful for the opportunity to be together and we are looking forward to our next re-union!

A big thank you to all of you who joined us!
Have a great continuation of summer!