Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TANZ IM NOVEMBER / Thank you all!

Andrea K. Schlehwein and Netzwerk AKS would like to thank everyone who participated in our events, performances, trainings and discussions during TANZ IM NOVEMBER. It was a fruitful and inspiring meeting that gave us all a chance to think, dream and create further.
We wish to stay in touch through artistic exchange.
We have been delighted to meet young filmmakers from the region presenting their short movies, filming during the events and exploring together during the film workshop by Martin Schinagl. We are curious to see the development of their work and hope we can be part of it in some way or another. Stay in touch with us. Come and discuss your ideas!
The presence and energy of young kids are without question a big inspiration and pleasure. We have been happy to welcome Barbara Fuch’s children’s theatre production “Alles im Eimer”, “Die Kunstdetektive” by Ilse Lackner and workshops by Leonie Humisch and Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli. We wish to continue with all activities and workshops in this direction. Please follow our announcements and join us!
TANZ IM NOVEMBER hosted the production “Relate Two Trust” by Eva & Eva. We are happy to see work and collaborate with young artists from the region. Contact us!
Our artistic activity as a team under the artistic direction of Andrea K. Schlehwein was presented through our new 2015 productions, “Time Code 9733”, “Things we lost in the fire” (quintet and trio version), “Alice. Facing the future expecting death dust and hope” and the remake of “todo tiene que desear la nada.” These productions were made in a period of insecurity concerning funding which challenged us to look for and find new ways of collaborating and staying flexible within uncertainty and limitations. Opening up to the broader picture, these works, each in its own way, carries and reflects deep concerns about our collective state of being in this world. Questions about existence and survival, relating to others, choices of which path to follow. We feel, all the more urgently, that dance and performance is the field where such questions can find their way to expression.
The exchange with the people who participated in the post performance talks has been a wonderful opportunity to re-think about the impact dance has and the ways feelings and impressions can or cannot be shared with words. We do feel that dance is a language that speaks directly to the heart and imagination and are happy to find our connections on this level. We contemplate further on finding ways of staying in dialog with our audience. We are always welcoming your responses in any form, be it a letter, a drawing or just a simple personal talk.
Last but not least, TANZ IM NOVEMBER has been a chance for all the members of Netzwerk Aks to get to know each other deeper,
by continuing to co-create in the new productions, watching each other perform, following each others trainings and spending time discussing. After this exchange we feel that our journey as a team can grow further and, besides smaller scale productions, we share a dream of developing new works involving us all.
A big thank you to all the photographers: 
Jo Hermann, Günter Jagoutz, Martin Schinagl, Roman Zotter