Thursday, December 22, 2016

ex : cerpt | vol.3 - Review @ Kronenzeitung by Andrea Hein (English translation)

Kronenzeitung, 11 December 2016

Klagenfurt: Aesthetically gripping premiere of Andrea K. Schlehwein's piece

Sharp shadows of solitude


Whoever missed the performances of the 3rd part of the 'ex : cerpt' series by Andrea K. Schlehwein and NETZWERK AKS this Friday and Saturday at Theater Halle 11 missed an unusually dense stage experience: A compact, poetic interlacing of video and movement art, supported by sound, words and light.

Within the scene it is already well known that poetry and calligraphically performed choreographies are the strength, indeed the hallmark of Andrea K. Schlehwein, a theatre maker acting on several levels (with a focus on dance and performance) based in Millstatt.
Yet lately, her increasingly radical precision in statement and aesthetics keeps on surprising the consistent observer of her work. Following 'ex: cerpt I vol. 1 and 2', 'vol. 3' continues to write forth the history of mankind, fascinating from beginning to end. Yes, there is a doomsday feeling: the still partially optimistic, colourful 'utopia' of vol. 2 has vanished. Four dancers and their reduplicating shadows are drifting through natural, industrial and urban landscapes, untouched or destroyed, in elaborately choreographed disorientation. They run, they flee, in helpless solitude or at times in aggressive military formation - likely chased by memories - into the magnificent video images underscored with sound, accompanied by the distant, retrospective commentary of a fifth person.

Conclusion: An excellent 40 minutes in black and white.
Too bad: In the hustle of Christmas shopping not enough visitors found their way
into this stirring, thrilling, beautifully horrifying stage experience.

translation: Roman Zotter

Thursday, December 15, 2016

NETZWERK AKS - Looking back at 2016

Just before packing our things and wishing everyone a happy Christmas holiday we would like to look back into the activities that took place in 2016 – all in all a fruitful year, filled with exchanges – and thank everyone who has been with us in this journey: artists, students, curators, organizers, critics and audience members.
Korean Tour 2016
Our year started off energetically with the revival of INVOCATION – a dance-film production by Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS. A working period on two different versions based on the original 2012 version took place at our home ground ART SPACE stift millstatt and was followed by two successful performances in Korea at the opening ceremony of ‘Busan International Short Film Festival 2016’ and at ‘spot on : AUSTRIA’ at Haneoulyeon Theatre Busan.
On the occasion of Invocation’s Korean tour, Andrea K. Schlehwein has offered workshops on improvisation, given lectures and participated in discussions at ‘Talk Talk SIMPRO!’, Korean National University of Arts, EDx2 Dance Academy a.o. in Seoul as well as in Tokyo, Japan. Moreover, Netzwerk AKS members Andrea Maria Handler and Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli have performed at ‘Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival 2016’.
rfl-7While part of the team was in Korea, Netzwerk AKS members Maria Mavridou & Roman Zotter continued on their new production redfishleg which was presented at ART SPACE Stift Millstatt.
New productions – Austria 2016
After returning from Korea, Netzwerk AKS under the artistic direction of Andrea K. Schlehwein, went on with its creative activities in Austria and realized the following new productions:
HERE AND NOW had its premiere at Lange Nacht des Tanzes in Millstatt and was followed by 3 more performances at ART SPACE stift millstatt
ex : cerpt | vol. 1 was presented at Active Art Millstatt.
ex : cerpt | vol. 2 was performed twice at Lange Nacht des Tanzes CCB in St. Kanzian.
ex : cerpt | vol. 3 was performed twice at theaterHALLE 11 in Klagenfurt.
Trainings, Workshops & other activities – ART SPACE stift millstatt 2016
As integral part of their shared creative process during production periods, Netzwerk AKS members Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli, Aurelius Rys, Unita Gay Galiluyo, Simona Piroddi and Maria Mavridou have lead O.P.E.N. morning trainings on contemporary dance, movement research, improvisation and yoga throughout the year.
In addition, Netzwerk AKS members and affiliated guest artists have offered workshops such as Contact Improvisation by Maayan Reiter (SEAD), ‘dancing me dancing us’ by Aureliusz Rys, ‘Catching The Impulse’ by Andrea K. Schlehwein as well as on-going courses such as ‘Creative Dance for Kids’ & ‘Creative Dance for Adults’ by Leonie Humitsch and ‘kids on the move’ an initiative of AKS.
Last but not least, Netzwerk AKS was present at Kultur muß wachsen / IG KIKK Symposion, at Landhaushof in Klagenfurt with the performance ‘on plane ground’ directed by Andrea K. Schlehwein.

Residencies & Guest Artist Performances – ART SPACE stift millstatt 2016
We had the pleasure to share our working space and function as hosts for the artists: Brigitte Busken, Maayan Reiter, Maria Mavridou & Roman Zotter, eva & eva (Leonie Humitsch & Stefanie Sternig), Daniel Petkovic & Urban Belina.
Brigitte Büsken has presented the outcome of her residency ‘Vibration von Klang und Bewegung im Raum’. Leonie Humitsch, did a workshop presentation after the ‘sommertanzwoche’ for children. Both took place at studio dependance.
As part of the series ‘in : formal’ (International Series for Young Contemporary Art) that take place at ART SPACE stift millstatt we have hosted the works Let me sleep! by Maayan Reiter (Austria-Israel) and ‘Terra Umbilicus’ by Daniel Petkovic & Urban Belina (Slovenia)
ART SPACE stift millstatt will be able to host more artists in the next year. Do not hesitate to contact us with proposals!
We are filled with fresh energy and keep our eyes, ears and skin open and curious for 2017’s unfolding!
Best wishes to everyone!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ex : cerpt | vol. 3 - impressions from theaterHALLE11 in Klagenfurt

Our short and intense process with ex : cerpt | vol. 3 - the last part of ex : cerpt trilogy - was rounded up with two deeply moving performances at theaterHALLE 11 in Klagenfurt.
We are very happy to share some impressions with you and we hope to continue further with this work in the next year. A big thanks to everyone who made it happen! 

ex : cerpt  I  vol. 3 
Andrea K. Schlehwein  + NETZWERK AKS  I  Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art

Concept Choreography Visuals Space Sound Light Andrea K. Schlehwein
Dance + Creation Unita Gay Galiluyo Dong Uk Kim  Maria Mavridou Aureliusz Rys Roman Zotter 
Guests Jasmin Kumar Luisa Schwab 
Photos Roman Zotter 
Production büro für tanz I theater I 
Eleonore Schäfer Andrea K. Schlehwein 

ex : cerpt | vol.3 - some words from inside

a shift in the air
something resonated
this time more profound than others

what happens at the borders?

from now on there is a long way ahead

under my feet
the ground
sometimes accepts me

around my skin
the room
photo Roman Zotter
sometimes embraces me

nothing is granted

a moment
something I lost
something I missed
something has happened
the bone touched the floor
a moment cold - nothing

unclaiming my territories
erasing my steps
shifting inside

empty moments
suspending their right to choose
standing fragile, free and disoriented
until the force of harmony drags them along

I need to open a new door
a rupture in the mind
a crack in the flesh

nothing is granted
as things are fresh
each and every fleeting sense affects my standing

from now on there is a long way ahead
                                                                                                                          m.m. - 2016 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

ex : cerpt | vol 3 – teaser

09. 12. 2016 | Premiere
10. 12. 2016 | Performance

theaterHALLE 11 Klagenfurt
+43 (0)463 31 03 00

theaterHALLE 11
Messeplatz 1
Eingang: Florian-Gröger-Strasse
9020 Klagenfurt, Österreich

Friday, December 2, 2016


ex : cerpt  I  vol. 3 

Andrea K. Schlehwein
+ NETZWERK AKS  I  Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art

Dance + Creation

Unita Gay Galiluyo . Dong Uk Kim . Maria Mavridou . Aureliusz Rys . Roman Zotter .
Jasmin Kumar . Luisa Schwab .
Nina Hader . Roman Zotter .

a Production of büro für tanz I theater I produktionen
Eleonore Schäfer . Andrea K. Schlehwein .

We are in the middle of the production of ex : cerpt I vol.3 
 – a dance poem, in which movement transforms sculptures 
into bodies, into individuals, into separated body landscapes 
moving side by side…
Images, sounds and voices make the movement more visible 
and tangible, but at the same time produce distraction and irritation. 
Jasmin Kumar

 A lot more to see, hear and feel: 

photo Roman Zotter

9. December 2016  I  8 p.m.  
theater Halle 11 Klagenfurt . Austria

10. December 2016  I  8 p.m.   
theater Halle 11 Klagenfurt . Austria


+43 (0)463 31 03 00

theaterHALLE 11

Messeplatz 1

Eingang: Florian-Gröger-Strasse

9020 Klagenfurt, Österreich

büro für tanz I theater I produktionen

+ 43  4766 35250