Tuesday, April 12, 2016

from that Region of the Planet called Portugal I Fernando and Carlos experiencies from there.

espaciopropio.augenblick has been once more experienced in Lisbon together with a group of seventeen wonderful beings among movers, thinkers, writers and explorers of the body.

We have been spending around ten days in c.e.m., centro em movement, one of the leading places for dance and performance in Portugal that is running since years leaded by Sofia Neuparth and Margarita Agostinho. The name of the place reveals attractively its funding spirit as it is not a center “of” movement production nor teaching but a place where the center is always somewhere else, in constant transformation. It promotes different approaches for researching in body, writing, and performance art. One day on the week, they just go out to the “rua”, for a kind of purposeless walk through the beautiful neighborhood around it in middle of the old part of the city, the touristic Alfama, Mouraria, Rossío or Barrio Baixo. Walking, observing, sensing, registering, chatting with people and maybe letting some dance to happen, some co existent combination of apparently random elements that in the eye creates a poetic instant. The challenge, they share while we chat in a corner, is just being in a constant undefined process, letting the already worked methodologies aside, towards somewhere else that in a moment will find its own a mode of being communicated. The patient art of practicing openness to the pregnant moment.

They had invited to both of us to coordinate also a Laboratory for the FIA. This is a kind of non orthodox integral formation for artist the gathers people with interests in sharing personal and common projects during almost six month. We had four full days with them plus other people with curiousity of exploring what we named “resonant fields”.

Laying down connecting with subtle vibrations. Imagining our inter actions. Not doing, sensing. Resting. Resting on what? On ground, earth, gravity field. What is travelling among us? Dialoguing with gravity. Breathing, observing the process of breathing. Rythms in the body among the body. Creating a connected space. Creating a connected body, a big body, a one body, a One. Multiple One.
Moving from there. What is moving? Losing time and space. Merging them. Five hours smashed in an instant. Can we jump from perceiving us as energized matter or materialized energies? Densification.

“Is there anything useful to be shared with words?”

Continuing moving in an endless dance of accepting, accepting, accepting.


Walking up and down the hills in our way between home and c.e.m.  made as aware of how Lisbon has become an hyper touristic spot. Even FIA people coming from abroad tell us of having really problems to find where to stay. Almost every old abandon building in old town is transformed in a new fancy Hotel. Airbnb is monopolizing the temporary lodging business. Tram 18 to Belem can be a not very pleasant experience for remembering while moving through the city. There is Fado playing in every corner, new fake old shops with souvenirs, a vibe in the street of crowds trying to catch the saudade spirit in the air with selfies, tuk tuks, and a mix of good cheap coffee, pastelitos de nata and Pessoa´s effigy observing all this from a corner.

In the middle we found our daily oasis in the Gardens of Graça.  A spot in middle of the hills, left over of an old orchard of the Monastery in Graça’s Church. There, some lost tourists mix up with neighbors but the Lords are the children and the dogs. We just pass by, stay, taking the sun and light, contemplating them tirelessly playing, running, looking for balls, hands, pats.
And there is also another Lisbon still alive beneath all these surfaces. Another side of the flowing Tejo with people who have spent all their lives there, living in the Harbor, living almost in the margin.  Taking the Ferry, crossing the river, also we met them.


Among Fado Clubs, it is located the Lucitano Clube. On Sunday evening we offered one improvisation there, a new possibility of sharing The Immediacy of Pure Presence, one of our frames for diving into scenic improvisation state, in a totally new environment full of resonances. The night before it hosted a tribute to Meat Loaf, and in general the nice room by the bar with a beautiful old mirror is a place for events, social ones, extravagant cultural salons, meetings including gym and old habitués playing cards. The building is almost 120 years old. The pace of time is with us. We prepared the space listening to it, and danced among curious presences that in silence gathered our trip...

…that unfold into an everyone dancing, moving, celebrating, being, … is that Sofia as a DJ?... Mean while outdoor the night got more intense, the soft cool rain was there, the streets got empty and in the end, after goodbye hugging all our companion of adventures of theses days, with happy vibrating body soul fields we walked through the hills enjoying the quiet mysterious beauty of a rediscovered town.

Last days we spent by the ocean going south to Zambujeira do Mar in the region of Alenteijo. We have been there some years before and everything now was more or less unchanged. The sense of time is diverse. Our friend Pedro joined us for a day. We talk about plans together for the coming time while walking along the cliffs over the wild Atlantic. Nature here can be dangerously and healingly impressive.
Water becomes a morphing power that shapes our continent. Millions of rock plates piling up, emerging from Earth and compressed in an impressive landscape supporting fields, farms, villages. Sometimes the path gets narrow between two flanks, the wind blows from nowhere and suddenly going forward to the edges faces you with the Abyss. A moment of hesitation invades our body, paralyzes us in the image of a free fall into the peaks and holes among the brave waves. Disappearing and dissolving in nothingness.

And we walk.

We rest lying down on the inclination of a rock. Waves roar under. Sun is on Top.

The images silently tell the rest.

Carlos Osatinsky / Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli
April 2016

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