Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I am not the one who you think I am | new production 2017!

Dear friends, 

We started the first months of this year with an intense phase of work. The new production with the former title die eine und die andere has changed to I am not the one who you think I am. It will have it's premiere on the 3rd of March at @ART SPACE stift millstatt. You are cordially invited and we are looking forward seeing you there!

I am not the one who you think I am
Andrea K. Schlehwein
+ NETZWERK AKS | Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art

Premiere 3rd of March 2017 | 8 pm | @ ART SPACE stift millstatt
Performance 4th of March 2017 | 8 pm | @ ART SPACE stift millstatt

Whenever we are dealing with existential questions, doubts and concerns, we find ourselves thrown back to a lonesome desert island. The search for our own identity, questions of 'Who am I?' and 'Do I want to be the one I have become?', permeate the three protagonists in Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS's first new production of 2017. 

In 'I am not the one who you think I am', AKS sketches a quiet, fragile, physical landscape in concentrated form. Held back and unagitated, AKS choreographs closely along the strong physicalities of her longstanding collaborators Unita Gay Galiluyo, Maria Mavridou and Simona Piroddi, who go back to their personal dance histories, revisit dance sequences from movement repertoire like La Bayadère, Forsythe and de Keersmaeker and finally, like snakes shedding their skins, they arrive back in the present through subtle movement sequences.
As in one single breath, AKS unfolds a dance experience that (beyond contemporary trends) places all emphasis on dance itself and understands the struggle for one's own identity as a fragile building of past experience, memories and the desire for one's own ephemeral self.

translated by Roman Zotter
büro für tanz I theater I produktionen 22. 2. 2017

Choreography. Space. Sound. Light 
Andrea K. Schlehwein
Dance. Creation Unita Gay Galiluyo
Maria Mavridou Simona Piroddi
Photos. Soundtrack. Technic. Artistic collaboration Roman Zotter
Layout collaboration Brigitte Büsken
Production management Eleonore Schäfer

büro für tanz I theater I produktionen 
Produktionsbüro + Management 
Eleonore Schäfer + Andrea K. Schlehwein

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