Sunday, September 10, 2017

another round of 'I am not the one who you think I am' . Austria

I am not the one who you think I am’ combines the contemporary with the neoclassical dance language – the personal perspective with generell questions to life itself ..

Technical challenges of this chorepgraphy are quite high but the three principal dancers of NETZWERK AKS (Unita Gay Galiluyo, Maria Mavridou, Simona Piroddi) seem to enjoy them. 

Not satisfied with the spacial situation I continued working on this concept and was happy enough to collaborate with Maayan Reiter on a 3 Channel Video Installation allowing us to change the atmosphere of the performance space, deepening content and the asthetic profile and bringing in another dimension to the work itself.

Like in the premiere round we again had a full house (!!) (twice), facing a great audience, receiving a lot of positive resonance for this production. 

In case you are interested in reading some reviews, we have to disappoint you (again): there are none. The situation for us netzwerk people in Carinthia stays boringly the same BUT come and see: We will be back in December with two more performances (this time it will be a double bill with the upcoming NETZWERK AKS production ‚letters from the edge’   [by Maria Mavridou I Roman Zotter I Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS]).

Stay tuned and see us in December alive and ready to go for another round!!


I am not the one who you think I am

29. + 30. December 2017

@ART SPACE stift millstatt

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