Sunday, April 28, 2019

#bones in Seoul

Last week we had the pleasure to be part of SIMPRO, Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival in South Korea.

On the 24th of April we presented a new version of #bones, the latest Netzwerk AKS production by Andrea K. Schlehwein, Maria Mavridou, Roman Zotter as part of the Opening Impro Performance (60min Relay + Impro project) shared with artists Jeong Ho Nam, Young Ho Nam, Irina Hortin, Cyrus Khambatta and the groups Momuro Movement Lab and 14 Feet.

During the festival days, 23rd - 28th April, we also had the chance to participate in the artists’s improvisation jam at the Impro Event of the opening night, join Irina Hortin’s workshop and watch some beautiful performances. It was wonderful to reconnect with old colleagues and get to know new ones! 

The process of creating the new version of #bones for SIMPRO has been exciting. We gave ourselves the challenge to transform a 45 minutes performance / installation that took place at ART SPACE stift millstatt in between the art works of Woo Jong Taek, Robert Kabas and Ha Haengeun, with the audience freely walking around, into a 10 minutes version for a black box theater.

What was to be left out and what was to remain? How could we keep the essence of the
work alive? 

Circulating ideas, re-activating the memory and re-imagining the work, meeting new spirits in an empty space with the help of 7 fragile eggs. We ended up with a new version that shares the same sources with the previous one,  becoming more aware of what it is as it is evolving, finding its form by overcoming form. 

As a performer I feel that this piece has so many dimensions which still unfold and I am curious to explore them further. The challenge of different set-ups and contexts is definitely interesting in relation to the concept.

Looking forward to performing again on the 15thof May at ART SPACE stift millstatt, re-visiting the original version with the influence of Korea and to the new surprises of Tsak Bam Festival which will take place outdoors in a pistachio field on the island of Aegina, Greece in July.

Gamsahamnida Seoul and Simpro!! 
It was once again a soulful experience!!

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