Monday, August 5, 2019

GOLDEN SHADOWS – a few notes....

...from the first period of rehearsal at ART SPACE stift millstatt

Arriving. Meeting the former process that took place in ART SPACE through the bodies exploring the resonances of the Symposium POSITIONEN 019. Meeting Andrea, Eleonore and Unita, and several more people already in dance mood. Meeting all in transition and, after our Argentina experience, allowing so the open curiosity to let the same space to start insinuating and suggesting what new forms Golden Shadows will embody here.

Installation. Performance. Dance.

Art forms aiming for simple and concrete exploration of our actual nature in fragile and delicate balance, always shifting, always moving. An art form that invites for sensible reflection of our nowadays sense of shared reality.

We have written already that the rehearsal process for GOLDEN SHADOWS is based on exploring our perception of body as a (sub) conscious moving space entity, a space where subtle impulses are flowing and leading. We practiced these days with Unita listening to those signals rooted in the hidden realms of its physicality; arising, expanding and dissolving in a continuous dancing dialogue with the surrounding. We found objects on our way to the studio, discarded and natural ones. We went on excursion for getting some others. We discuss and try on their potential utility, for organic actions, their expressive power, their sense of building landscapes and unfolding environments. Creating containers, passages, membranes where the performance will take place, the installation will invite to the visitors to accompany, sit, interact and contemplate.
And in those spaces our bodies are also pure space. Our bodies resonating among each other, also with images, figures and their individual an common memories. Our bodies inspired by sensing, by touch, by text, by textures.

“The dance appeals to the natal clumsiness. It appeals to all the gestures of the children.
It doesn't know how to speak. It does not know how to sing. It doesn't even know how to lift the foot. It doesn't even know how to support it. it does not know how to join the palms, separate them, hit them, produce a noise. The dance appeals to the silent body that inhabits all life in another body that precedes - in another body that is no longer there. The dance appeals to the body before language (to the original body, the ovular body, the embryonic body, the fetal body, the natal body, the infant body). To the body before the self. To the body before the subject position. To the body before the face. To the body before the mirror. To the body before the skin. To the body before the light.” (Pascal Quignard, Origin of Dance)

From Monday on, we will be on the way for the setting up of the installation. Some days

more for the opening night. Almost one more week to nurture our body-scapes, and let to these Golden Shadows to emerge as a new born organism attracted by the light, offering the opportunity to tell us a little bit of what is nesting there in those realms where the shadows reign and life silently pulse.

Opening Night
Friday 9 August 2019 | 8 pm
ART SPACE stift millstatt

Further presentations
10 + 11 August 2019 | 8 pm
ART SPACE stift millstatt

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