Sunday, May 8, 2016

disAppearances I Carlos and Fernando performing in "7 minutes of Fame" in Neukölln, Berlin

Last days of April we have been invited to participate in the 7 minutes of Fame, a new series of performance evenings that are taking place in Stammtisch, an old "Kneipe" in one corner of the constantly changing area of the Weserstrasse in NeukÖlln, Berlin. Among new bars, co-working spaces, atelliers, multilingual walkers and shops that make you ask what are they selling, it survives this old place that in the context of gentrified Berlin resists as an extravagant unique place, a museum of a resent past in the area. 

The frame offered by the 7 minutes in this opportunity invites us to condense, compress and shake a little bit ideas and visions that we keep working on and that we are currently exploring in our larger project under the motto WITHOUT ADDED VALUE and that we have been very happy to find an unusual format to be shared.

For that we propose an intervention where Fernando’s body will be a kind of live surface, a trembling quiet planted body where images will be screened from a beamer handled in an informal situation unfolding in subtle combination of imaginary, sound and movement.

We contributed with a visual / movement short act in a very varied program night with the motto of extravagance including impro, poetry reading, music playing, sound and a good ambient of visitors. 

Now, after that night, we found that it became an act in itself, a new baby named "disAppearance". 

Here a brief account in video of that night. Enjoy and Thanks.

Carlos Osatinsky & Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli

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