Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ex : cerpt | vol.3 - some words from inside

a shift in the air
something resonated
this time more profound than others

what happens at the borders?

from now on there is a long way ahead

under my feet
the ground
sometimes accepts me

around my skin
the room
photo Roman Zotter
sometimes embraces me

nothing is granted

a moment
something I lost
something I missed
something has happened
the bone touched the floor
a moment cold - nothing

unclaiming my territories
erasing my steps
shifting inside

empty moments
suspending their right to choose
standing fragile, free and disoriented
until the force of harmony drags them along

I need to open a new door
a rupture in the mind
a crack in the flesh

nothing is granted
as things are fresh
each and every fleeting sense affects my standing

from now on there is a long way ahead
                                                                                                                          m.m. - 2016 

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