Thursday, December 22, 2016

ex : cerpt | vol.3 - Review @ Kronenzeitung by Andrea Hein (English translation)

Kronenzeitung, 11 December 2016

Klagenfurt: Aesthetically gripping premiere of Andrea K. Schlehwein's piece

Sharp shadows of solitude


Whoever missed the performances of the 3rd part of the 'ex : cerpt' series by Andrea K. Schlehwein and NETZWERK AKS this Friday and Saturday at Theater Halle 11 missed an unusually dense stage experience: A compact, poetic interlacing of video and movement art, supported by sound, words and light.

Within the scene it is already well known that poetry and calligraphically performed choreographies are the strength, indeed the hallmark of Andrea K. Schlehwein, a theatre maker acting on several levels (with a focus on dance and performance) based in Millstatt.
Yet lately, her increasingly radical precision in statement and aesthetics keeps on surprising the consistent observer of her work. Following 'ex: cerpt I vol. 1 and 2', 'vol. 3' continues to write forth the history of mankind, fascinating from beginning to end. Yes, there is a doomsday feeling: the still partially optimistic, colourful 'utopia' of vol. 2 has vanished. Four dancers and their reduplicating shadows are drifting through natural, industrial and urban landscapes, untouched or destroyed, in elaborately choreographed disorientation. They run, they flee, in helpless solitude or at times in aggressive military formation - likely chased by memories - into the magnificent video images underscored with sound, accompanied by the distant, retrospective commentary of a fifth person.

Conclusion: An excellent 40 minutes in black and white.
Too bad: In the hustle of Christmas shopping not enough visitors found their way
into this stirring, thrilling, beautifully horrifying stage experience.

translation: Roman Zotter

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