Tuesday, June 13, 2017

new creation of NETZWERK AKS . Austria

short but intense - we - the NETZWERK AKS went for it -
devoted and in constant creative dialogue and suddenly there it was:
our new creation #withmyheadintheskyandfreshairinmybrain is out.

Thank you Andrea Maria Handler and Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli for sharing this special time with with me!! Thank you for your inspiration and creation. For laughing, trusting and for constantly going from morning to night -

Whether in discussion or research, the dance exploration, the work of endless repetition or the day of film shooting with the ORF (that could have been demanding but thanks to Barbara Frank and her team became just another enriching part of our process),

NETZWERK AKS always brings along friends who contribute through their supportive presence, by cooking food, cleaning the spaces, taking fotos, questioning our process and by following their own path, by painting, writing ... andsoon ... Heart full of thanks to our new assistant Connie Ortner, to my colleague Nayana Bhat, to Christina Va, Fernando, Biljana and the artist Lore Heuermann who witnessed our whole process creating art work of her own. It was great pleasure to have all of you around.

And last but not least thank you Eleonore Schäfer, Galerist of FORUM KUNST contemporary for giving us your invitation to make our contribution for FRÜHSTÜCK mit SENGL @ART SPACE stift millstatt.

Meeting the artist Peter Sengl and his artwork was more than a pleasure: it became an experience - some days full of impressions, work, laughter and delight!

the exhibition is running! For more information go to:

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