Thursday, November 16, 2017

European Theater Night at ART SPACE stift millstatt

18th November 2017 | 8 p.m.

On 18th of November, over 400 locations throughout Europe will be part of the European Theatre Night
This year, ART SPACE stift millstatt will be one of them!

The aim and philosophy of the European Theater Night is to open theater as a "place of common experience" to all groups of society and to raise awareness for the importance of theater (and culture) as an essential contribution towards a more peaceful coexistence in an increasingly complex society.

Culture for a more peaceful coexistence in a complex world

At NETZWERK AKS our philosophy is that art of today always deals with issues of today.

Contemporary art does not take place in a hermetic space, it always connects to the events of the world. The complexity of these events is reason enough to question, mirror, reflect, give impulses. Art of today is never wholly detached from the place where it is born, lives and takes place – it always bears a social component. Dance, theater and art will not change the world singlehandedly, they can, however, trigger thought and give examples of more open and peaceful ways of coexistence.

When several initiatives point to a common idea at the same time, public perception will be stronger, possibly also the effect.

NETZWERK AKS has always stood for diversity and mutual respect – that's why we are particularly happy to be part of the European Theater Night this year.


In the frame of this initiative, we will present the film TIME CODE 9733 by Roman Zotter, an artistically interpreted film registration of the eponymous production by Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS from 2015.

Intriguing juxtapositions

Roman Zotter has edited this multi-layered dance | film | installation, which takes place in two differently designed spaces and employs, next to dance and movement, various image levels (live recordings, pre-made film and text fragments), into a 4-fold split screen, uniting the complex juxtaposition of events and images into an intriguing whole.

As an audience, you will have the opportunity to (re)view the production from a new perspective or simply get to know this highly praised performance which you might have missed in 2015.

After Talk

Following the film, we invite you to an After Talk where you can share your thoughts about the piece and the film with artists of the production (Brigitte Büsken, Maria Mavridou, Roman Zotter).

We are looking forward to welcoming you at ART SPACE stift millstatt!

As with all presentations during the European Theater Night we apply the principle "pay as you can/wish".

Location | Reservation
ART SPACE stift millstatt . Stiftgasse 1 . 9872 Millstatt . Austria
Connie Ortner . Assistance for production, coordination and PR

MOBILE +43 664 73 66 07 26

Film clip:

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