Tuesday, November 7, 2017

think tank ACTIVITY: Amsterdam . Berlin . Millstatt . Seoul .

ART SPACE stift millstatt 
is a unique place for contemporary art, hidden in the Carinthian mountains 

Existing since 10 years ART SPACE stift millstatt is constantly growing. 
We are standing on two legs with national roots and sponsors and international profile, teams and support.

Besides the art of dance, represented by NETZWERK AKS | Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art, ART SPACE stift millstatt hosts the Gallery FORUM KUNST contemporary, an NGO, other dance collectives, the international oriented festival format LIGHT ON - LIGHT OFF, it offers artist in residencies and presents the series for young contemporary art, in : formal. 

All dance art related activities are managed by the international management: 
büro für tanz | theater | produktionen. 

This office functions as the backbone of it all. It serves as the international management, the production office, that brings in BUGET for ART and it is a think tank which makes art concepts possible.

At the moment impulses, exchange and ideas are shifting between
Amsterdam, Berlin, Millstatt and Seoul - creating a buzzling creative beat of its own.


18. November 2017  |  8 p.m.

art film + after talk
NETZWERK AKS  |  Platform for Contemporary Dance + Art

Europäische Theaternacht 2017 

@ART SPACE stift millstatt . Austria

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